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Accelerating Partnerships: How Events Can Drive Progress

This blog explores how industry events can accelerate partnerships.
Accelerating Partnerships: How Events Can Drive Progress

As we, thankfully, come back together in person for industry events and conferences, they are once again becoming an important part of our calendars. These events can serve as a powerful catalyst for partnerships, helping to accelerate progress in several ways.

‌Launching Integrations

Events offer an ideal opportunity to showcase new products and integrations. Keynotes and other go-to-market activities can provide a powerful motivation for teams to work towards a common goal.

Building Connections

Events offer a unique opportunity to connect with key stakeholders, bringing partners together with the teams that can help them be successful.

Executive Meetings

Events often provide opportunities for short, productive meetings between executives and partners. Happy-hours, lunches, and parties can all provide an ideal backdrop for unlocking future resources.

Building Credibility

Events can serve as a powerful showcase for your company, demonstrating your credibility as a partner of choice. The scale of the event, quality of speakers and content, size and variety of sponsors, and volume and engagement of customers can all help build momentum.

Crucial Conversations

In-person events make it easier to have difficult discussions that might be more challenging over video conference. Use this time to work through topics that require face-to-face interaction.

Pulse check on Partner Health

In-person events that are poorly executed, poorly attended, or generally feel "flat" can be a warning sign that your partner is struggling somehow. Stay alrt for these signals as it may indicate future issues.

Direct Feedback is a gift

Surveys are great, but nothing beats direct feedback from customers and partner stakeholders. Ask them what challenges they have or what they are most happy about, and see what themes emerge.

"Humans are social beings, and we are happier, and better, when connected to others." – Paul Bloom

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