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"What Does Good Look Like?" and Other Questions for Partnership Success

Asking the right questions is essential to navigating the partnership journey.
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Building enduring and successful partnerships takes work. While the initial spark of collaboration can be exciting, it's the ongoing communication and commitment that fosters true growth.

Asking the right questions is essential to navigating the partnership journey. These questions not only establish a foundation of trust and understanding, but also open doors to find new opportunities for collaboration.

Here are some powerful questions to pose to your partners to strengthen your relationship and find new ways to work together:

  • What does good look like for you? This seemingly simple question opens the door to a deeper understanding of your partner's goals and aspirations for the partnership. By taking the time to understand their definition of success, you can tailor your approach to ensure alignment and mutual benefit.
  • If you were in our shoes, what would you do? This question fosters empathy and encourages partners to see things from your perspective. It can spark creative solutions and uncover hidden opportunities that you might have overlooked. Your partner can often see your strengths more clearly than you, so listen well.
  • What do you think we should do together? This open-ended question invites your partner to co-create the future of the relationship. It demonstrates a willingness to explore new possibilities and a commitment to joint decision-making and creative problem-solving.

In addition to these core questions, consider incorporating questions that address specific challenges or opportunities:

  • How do we get back to green? If the partnership has hit a rough patch, this question acknowledges the difficulty while demonstrating a commitment to finding solutions. By working together to identify and address the root causes of the problems, you can get the partnership back on track.
  • How might we.....? This question injects a dose of creativity into the partnership. By brainstorming potential solutions within a defined set of parameters, you can push the boundaries of innovation and discover unexpected opportunities for collaboration.

By fostering open and honest communication through thoughtful questioning, you can build a partnership that thrives in the long run. Remember, strong partnerships are built on a foundation of mutual understanding, trust, and a shared vision for success.

β€œThe most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. The true dangerous thing is asking the wrong question.” β€” Peter Drucker

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